Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not…” − Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hello and welcome!  I am so glad that you came to visit and get to know me better. 

After surviving an early life of dysfunction, poverty, child sexual abuse, painful emotions, and the tragic deaths of two brothers, I sought and found comfort and healing through my heavenly Father God that I desperately needed to continue on the sometimes gritty and grimy path of life.  By His grace and deep abiding love He enabled me to forgive life’s injuries, and my offenders, and empowered me to conquer my past wounds and heartbreaks. 

Wherever I am and however I can, it is my desire to share this same loving force called God and His son, Jesus Christ, with others who have been injured by the many traumas of life and who are buried in pain and despair.  I want to inspire you, ignite your smoldering dreams, illuminate hope, initiate faith in God and influence you to act on behalf of yourself!

However, this is as far as I can take you on the journey to healing.  You must reach out and surrender your entire self to God to be fully restored and experience a life of joyous transformation that you never knew existed—until now!  

This is what I have done, and continue to do, as I walk out my days on Earth.  It is challenging, but it is doable through Christ, and so worth the effort!  (Philippians 4:13) To wish you no pain is to wish you death; only the living experience pain.  Instead, I wish you an abundant life in Christ!  (John 10:10) My life is proof that there may be tears, but joy will triumph! (Psalm 30:5)

Let’s embrace the full circle of life!  Full of life and grief, family and friends, love and loneliness, smiles and tears, contentment and struggles, victories and disappointments, celebrations and sorrows... but, thankfully, there is also Divine comfort and joy found amongst the pain encountered on this journey we call life. 

Did you know that priceless pearls are born out of pain?  For every pain there is a pearl in the making.  Allow God to transform your pains into beautiful pearls and you will never be afraid or ashamed to share them with others.   Although I have experienced a deeply painful past, I take great delight in sharing my present pearls of love, joy, faith, triumphs, beauty and peace with all those I encounter. 

 Today’s pain embraced becomes tomorrow’s pearl of grace.” − Theresa Westbrook